Collaborate with Microsoft Teams

This infographic lists the many ways you can use Microsoft Teams to drive workplace collaboration. It also provides statistics on the success and popularity of Microsoft Teams.

Drive workplace collaboration through one digital hub where teams can meet, call, and chat. Use Microsoft Teams to have instant conversations with members of your staff or guests outside your organization. You can also make phone calls, host meetings, and share files.

1)20M+ daily active users

2)5,00,000+ organizations use teams

3)91 Fortune 100 companies use teams

4)Teams is in 181 markets with support for 53 languages(and growing)

5)200+ organizations have 10,000+ active Teams users

Before we transitioned to remote working, we had approximately 30 Teams meetings a day. Now it’s up to 500 a day. We’re all working better together to continue to provide amazing customer support and simplify health services for our members in a challenging time

                                                                Dennis Armstrong, Enterprise Messaging Engineer

                                                                                Premera Blue Cross

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