Empower your entire organization with Microsoft Teams

You’ve just arrived at the office, booted up your computer or laptop, and filled your first cup of coffee. You sit back down, take a sip, and what do you see? Chances are it’s a login screen. Hastily, you type in your username and password and get on with a productive day. At least that was the idea, until you remember you forgot to send Karen from HR your vacation request form. You try to reach her by email but to no avail, so you boot up the informal messenger that everyone in the office uses because the legacy messenger set up years ago crashes when you send so much as an emoji. But of course, you once again need to type in your login info, only to see that Janice is not online. So ultimately you end up making two trips to HR (on the first trip, you forgot to staple your vacation balance because the document is stored in a separate internal SharePoint) to finally get your vacation approved. Ready to throw your computer out a window yet? We don’t blame you. This scenario may seem comical, but it’s a reality that thousands of employees must endure thanks to the lack of a single, unified digital workspace. Preferably one that can be implemented across your entire organization and serve as a hub for all documents and teams to collaborate, within and across projects. After reading this infographic, you’ll learn how each department within your business can utilize Microsoft Teams to become more efficient, store documents securely, and collaborate seamlessly with any peer or colleague.


Microsoft Teams helps businesses become more efficient by enabling improved collaboration,
horizontal work methods, and organized, easily accessible information. It also helps them to
accelerate decision making by sharing information in the moment and with context, empowering
people to quickly make well-informed choices.


Read below to learn how all your departments can use Teams to deliver organization-wide value.

Human Resources :

HR departments can use Teams to effectively manage recruitment, training, and reviews across administrative areas, as well as to establish meetings with candidates and peers.

Sales :

Teams is a crucial tool for sales reps to communicate when in the field or during meetings and deliver real-time reporting on customer cases from anywhere in the world.

Marketing :

Teams provides a creative hub where creative ideas and strategies can evolve into revenue-generating initiatives.

Finance :

Financial departments benefit greatly from Teams’ security and integration features, which helps their information remain safe and easily accessible whenever they need it.

Engineering :

Teams can allow engineering departments to move quickly between ideation, development and deployment phases, as well as easily integrate developer tools.

Project Management :

PMs can effectively use Teams to manage stakeholders, tools, budgets, project reviews, and feedback.

Information Technology :

Teams increases the efficiency of IT departments and allows them to focus on their organization’s digital
transformation and technological innovation.

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