How SharePoint can be developed as full-fledged Web application?

With software apps across desktops and mobile devices on the rise, it is critical for an organization to chose a right platform. We should also be wise to choose a development platform that grows along with the latest technology.

Of late, entrepreneurs are on the lookout for applications that are not dependent on the troublesome wired networks. Companies want to access their application from home, office, and also during travel. A desktop app or a mobile app does have these limitations. This has led to developing applications that are not only independent of local networks but also easily accessible from everywhere.

Can an organization use a fully functional web application for its entire system?

No wonder you have seen a recent trend where developers starting making web app versions for their desktop apps. We see more features in a standalone application than a web application. So why do organizations prefer a web-based model?

Here is why –

  • No boring installation of an app on countless devices as web apps can be accessed from a browser
  • No pain during software updates on a device, which is hardware dependent.
  • Features on a desktop app differ from a mobile app.

Increasing trend of web apps for corporate needs:

Traditional desktop applications are limited by hardware on which they run. More organizations, to facilitate day to day operations, are moving towards a browser-based application. Considering the usability benefits of secure document management, web apps are in high demand. For instance, Skype is available as a standalone desktop app as well as a web application. Popular notes taking app OneNote, storage apps like Microsoft One Drive and other Google apps are all web-based. Web-based apps always require a live internet connection to access files all the time.

However, developers have proactively addressed this shortcoming by making the files available offline.

  • It provides an interactive user interface for a flawless experience
  • It has constant updates that do not bother an end user
  • Users will have the access, edit, upload, and download the documents from any place and device
  • It is highly secured and provides different methods of user authentication
  • Web apps are inexpensive to develop when compared to standalone software
  • It is easy for to maintain and perform updates in the back-end


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