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Advance Electric – QuickBooks/SharePoint Integration

Advance Electric is a  fast growing Electrical Contractor company serving the Santa Barbara area, including Montecito and Goleta. They provide innovative electrical solutions and application through quality materials and superior craftsmanship.

Business Case:

Client required an end to end application to track, manage and fix the payroll system of the employees. The application should capture  the commuting time and the actual work hours by the employee to fix the issue or install an electric item in their respective customers location.

How we helped?

We developed a single page SharePoint application to manage time-sheets and associated costs . The application will capture the number of hours taken to resolve the issue or install an electrical item by the employee in the respective customers workplace. The details are filled by the employee using a tablet provided by the company. The entered information is consolidated in the cloud storage of office 365 which can be accessed by the administration team. The admin team will approve the data and the payroll of the employees.

Technologies used:

The solution is developed using SharePoint design manager, Bootstrap, JavaScript Client object model. We have also implemented custom UI, navigation and branding.

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