Customer Stories/Case Studies

Lebara Intranet

Lebara is a British telecommunications company providing services in many countries around the world, using the mobile virtual network operator business model. Lebara Mobile provides pay-as-you-go and contract based mobile SIM cards. 


Client Requirement: 

Our Client required a simple intranet which will serve as internal communication channel to keep the employees updated with internal announcements, upcoming events, news feeds, employee birthday / anniversaries and many other similar features 

Our Solution: 

Using Classic Intranet model, wdesigned a lively and colourful intranet with the below features.  

Quick Links for the employees to access  

    • Policies & Procedures 
    • Corporate Calendar 
    • Business Process 
    • E-Learning 
    • Outlook & Teams 
    • People related information. 

Customised solutions to include, 

    • Announcements 
    • Birthdays & Anniversaries 
    • Photo Gallery 
    • Employee Blogs 
    • Quick Polls 
    • Employee Spotlight 

The Intranet also provides, 

  • Brief about Company 
  • News Feeds 
  • Countries page to show relevant content based on employee country selection 
  • Translation Feature – Incorporated the Translation feature to translate site content to six different languages. 


The Intranet will be a one stop search option for employees to get any updates from the organisation.  

The site is very interactive and allows the employee to choose the information they want to see. 

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