Customer Stories/Case Studies

Potential Project – Collaborative Intranets

Potential Project is a global leader in Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training (CBMT), combining Western science and Eastern knowledge to create programs that boost employee efficiency, creativity, focus, and performance.  With over 70 trainers and 250 clients, Potential Project has successfully brought its CBMT programs to organizations across Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia.


Potential Project had been looking to find a collaborative platform on which to share information, updates, content and multimedia.  Furthermore, the platform also needed to link together its 150 global consultants, allowing for easier collaboration and communication.


After thorough planning and analysis, we developed a SharePoint solution that addressed all of our client’s unique demands.  These included sections for employee and client directories, ongoing projects, company updates, training videos, documents for sales & marketing, and more.


  •  Migrating crucial documents from old company intranet to new one
  • Streamlining access to vital information through Quick Links & Search features
  • Developing app which allows employees to remotely stream meditation & training videos
  • Allowing employees to view, share & upload documents, presentations, images or audio
  • Creating Opportunity Management System (OMS) to keep track of personal sales figures
  • Improving content management with company updates, events, new clients & employee info

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80% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint. It’s the preferred choice of intranet for most enterprises, offering powerful tools for communication and collaboration, extensive document management capabilities, sweeping search features, lively social networking platforms, and responsive mobile experiences across all devices. In short, SharePoint has everything your business needs to perform better, faster and more efficiently.

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