Customer Stories/Case Studies

Riverstate Tax Office of UK – A UK government Project

Riverstate Tax Office of UK needed a platform to share data, files and other information’s between different departments within the Office. They needed a restricted and need to know information only portal. They also needed this portal to be responsive and working nicely on all devices including Smart phones and tablets.

How we helped?

We understood the requirements from the client through various meeting and brainstorming sessions and clearly understood the pain areas. Coordinated and worked with different departments. What we understood was all the files are kept in common drive and link is sent via email. Prior to sending this link they have to provide access to the required person by way of working with IT Team.

Solution Highlights

  • We worked UI Designer to develop a UI/UX template that we can adapt in the SharePoint
  • We carefully explained the designer of the limitations that we have in using SharePoint for some of the complex design.
  • We gave demo to the Tax office IT team of what is possible.
  • After the demo was accepted. We carefully implemented the portal and completed testing if the portal is responsive on all the different devices including Smart phones.
  • We tested if the files and folders are accessible on a need to know basis and available over all the Smart phones and tablets.
  • This solution was deployed and client is happy.

Technologies used:

The solution is developed using SharePoint design manager, Bootstrap, JavaScript Client object model. We have also implemented custom UI, navigation and branding.

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