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Scimetric is a global pioneer in data management and assembly line optimization, having developed the world’s first cold test application for the automotive industry. Since then, the company’s products and technologies have been used by countless industries and leading manufacturers, including Ford and Hewlett Packard.

Business Case:

Scimetric’s employees could not save or access vital documents in Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM platform. Negative consequences of this included lost productivity, lack of quick data retrieval, slow and inefficient file management, and diminished customer service.

SOLUTION IAfter crucial planning and research, we developed an innovative solution which merged SharePoint with Salesforce. By linking our intranet to Salesforce’s cloud-based platform, Scimetric could now access business-critical data without the need for IT professionals or expensive equipment, thus lowering costs while improving productivity.


  • Integrating SharePoint with SalesForce to improve access to key files and information
  • Enhancing efficiency by sending sales & project metadata to SharePoint with fewer button clicks.
  • Saving time by implementing Bulk/Batch updates with a single HTTP Call rather than multiple calls
  • Simplifying project & sales orders through better record and document management
  • Adding more columns to dataview so all SharePoint info can be easily searched & located

Technologies used:

This solution is developed using Salesforce Apex with Knowledge of SharePoint Integration REST API

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