Modern and Branded Intranets

We design intranets to help you spread company news both quickly and conveniently, using either a broad distribution method or a more targeted approach. From top executives to everyday staff, keep your entire workforce engaged and up-to-date with the events, latest projects, department news, and company announcements.

Plus, boost employee spirit and participation with a rich multimedia experience, including the ability to upload photos and measuring their engagement levels through Like, Comment, and Share options.


Power Automate | UI Flow | Robotic Process Automation

Business automation is making jobs more exciting and enjoyable! We automate not to eliminate jobs but to create a productive working environment. Power Automate is a new offering from Microsoft that combines API integration across multiple tools and platforms to build a UI Flow for the tools that don’t support Integrations.

With this, we are now capable of reinventing business processes for a wide range of workloads across industries. Our Agile and Lean Team are experts in business process automation and robotic process automation using Power Automate


Stay Connected Wherever You Go

No more lost opportunities or productivity. With anytime-anywhere access capabilities, your staff can connect to PowerApps from anywhere in the world using their smartphone or tablet.

With intelligent, highly-responsive designs, we solve the fragmentation issue and deliver a universal user-experience across all mobile screens. The result: teams can now collaborate over distances, submit forms, start a business process, manage clients, manage projects like they were at the office, and contribute to your success from any internet-ready device.

MS Teams App

Microsoft Teams Apps, Tabs and Bots

Nothing can stop a team!, Microsoft Teams combines chat, meetings, calling, and collaboration. Our Team at SharePoint Designs is capable of creating an app, tabs, bots, and messaging extensions.

With these developments, you can power up your business process flows and evolve the users from email to chat-based cards and forms. Or Create a MS Teams bot that auto responds to user queries and answer questions.


Office 365 to Salesforce

Gain quick and secure access to opportunities, projects, and sales orders, from salesforce directly on Office 365. Use this information to prepare a presentation, reply to an email, or add them to a document.

We deliver integration between these services to help you powerup the sales team.


Performance Dashboard

If you don’t measure you don’t improve, There are at least a dozen ways in Office 365 or SharePoint to track performance using out of the box tools such as tasks, emails, to do, chats and other sources to measure employee performance.

We deliver this tracking along with an Interactive Dashboard that lets you monitor the remote worker performance!

SharePoint Designs Enterprise Solutions

80% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint. It’s the preferred choice of intranet for most enterprises, offering powerful tools for communication and collaboration, extensive document management capabilities, sweeping search features, lively social networking platforms, and responsive mobile experiences across all devices. In short, SharePoint has everything your business needs to perform better, faster and more efficiently.

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