Customer Stories/Case Studies

  • Damage Prevention Solutions, LLC



  • Lebara Intranet

    Lebara is a British telecommunications company providing services in many countries around the world, using the mobile virtual network operator business model. Lebara


  • Potential Project – Collaborative Intranets

    Potential Project is a global leader in Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training (CBMT), combining Western science and Eastern knowledge to create programs that boost employee efficiency, creativity,...


  • P&G

    P&G is one of the largest and fastest growing consumer goods companies across the world. From beauty and health to home and beyound. P&G’s...


  • Trustees

    The Trustees of Reservations is a non-profit land conservation and historic preservation organization dedicated to preserving natural and historical places in the Commonwealth of...


  • Gateway Group One

    One evening we had an interaction with the CEO of Gateway groups Kurus Elavia, who wanted an intranet site for the employees of his...


  • Manhattan Tech Support

    Manhattan provides IT services to businesses in New York City and New York metro area. They specialize in network engineering, technical support, security...


  • Scimetric

    Scimetric is a global pioneer in data management and assembly line optimization, having developed the world’s first cold test application for the automotive industry....


  • Advance Electric – QuickBooks/SharePoint Integration

    Advance Electric is a  fast growing Electrical Contractor company serving the Santa Barbara area, including Montecito and Goleta. They provide innovative electrical solutions and application...


  • Riverstate Tax Office of UK – A UK government Project

    Riverstate Tax Office of UK needed a platform to share data, files and other information’s between different departments within the Office. They needed a...


  • Bigge

    For more than 100 years, Bigge has been one of America’s premier global crane sales, crane rental, and project services companies. Their innovative specialized...


  • InterBarge

    InterBarge is a provider of fluvial transportation and logistics services offering safe and efficient operations along South America’s Hidrovia Paraná Paraguay Waterway System. InterBarge...


  • Dell – Europe more info about Dell online

    Dell Team in Europe is having vast clients across Europe and Middle East. All these clients rent or loan Dell products for their computing...


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